The Way *smile

• - Body -

- Skin : Birdy 
- Hair : Spellbound
- Eyes : Crash Republic  - Closed -.-

• - Cloth

- Leggins : Block Leggin Gray
- Shoes : [7891] Pain

• - Accesories

- Shades : Lethal
- Necklace : [BENJAMINZ]
- Bracelet&Watch : [BENJAMINZ] Amphiz

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Cutes infinites

Queen of infinitethe

Queen of  infinitethe
I´m Lenna Khaos

First want say this blog is not new im blogger to 4/5 years only i change my before blog for blogspot.

♥The idea of this blog is to show my style in the fashion world, and i greatly enjoy doing it. infinity is esactly word to descrive fashion in all - here you find clothes accsesorios, convinations, and even furniture and houses myriad styles
Thanks for visiting, and feel free to contact me inworld if you have questions or suggestions.

• Want send me review copies of ur items? ..Sure! ♥
only need u send withe the note or im to Lenna lhaos with name urls store market or inworld , description and if u want price

Xoxo Lennin ♥